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Pneumatic Air Compression Riveter & Rivet Guns

For solid aluminium and steel Rivets , Cherry ,Avdel and Pop rivets

Professional Aerospace and industial tools for high productuion requirements

Tool requirements for riveting are determined by rivet diameter and material type such as copper, steel, titanium, aluminum, monel,            etc., and whether solid or semi-tubular. In the case of captive hardware such as studs, threaded inserts, floaters, stand offs,                  etc., diameter and material type must be considered. Whether your requirements are for the military, aerospace, airline or commercial        you are assured the finest quality and value .


Desoutter CP Tools Compression Riveters & Rivet guns: These Desoutter Compression Riveters & Rivet guns  are suitable for high production rates such as those on production/ assembly lines, where high durability is required and the tools are used frequently. Our Desoutter industrial Compression Riveters & Rivet guns combine the best of quality, durability and ergonomics for your most demanding applications.


hi-shear Aerospace Riveting Tools

Hi-Shear Aerospace Tools include Air Motors, Rivet Hammers, Compression Riveters, Screwdrivers, Angle-head Drills and Nutrunners.  They are the product of over two decades of relentless engineering refinement.
This comprehensive, high-quality tool line features superior performance, excellent reliability and advanced ergonomic design.
All tools are designed to operate at a normal factory air pressure of 90 psi with 1/4 or 3/8 inch airlines.  Virtually any requirement can be fulfilled by Hi-Shear\’s Tooling Division – with either our standard tools or by custom design

General Pneumatic Tools

General Pneumatic AirTools are light, easy to hold and simple to operate. All are essentially noiseless except for the muffled exhaust. All    General Pneumatic Tools function as squeezers, not as hammers.This squeezing action whether in a hand held or stationary tool  is deemed necessary to produce the vital cold metal flow essential for proper retention of captive hardware. These same characteristics  assure uniformity required to meet the rigid specifications of MIL-403B.

Choosing the right Riveter or Rivet gun

Rivet guns

Size of rivet to be placed

  • Material of rivet
  • Force required
  • rivet guns Airframe referance 1X – 9XB
  • Chisel Shank
  • Weight of tool
  • Vibration reduced (V-R) Low vibration or Standard rivet gun (STD)

Compression Riveters

  • Size of rivet to be placed
  • Material of rivet (alloy or steel)
  • Reach required
  • C Yoke or Alligator
  • Force required
  • Single and double Cylinder
  • Compression Bench Riveter / Rivet gun

    Large Bench riveter / Rivet Gun

    • 110.001 Pedastol stand with filter regulator & Lubricator
    • 15CSA12-1/2 Bench Riveter with 12 1/2\” reach & 5 \” gap
    • 15CSA24 Bench Riveter with 24\” reach & 5 3/4 \” gap
    • 15CSA9-1/2 with 9 1/2\” reach & 5 \” gap
    • 15KCS 6 with 6\” reach & 5\” gap
    • 8000CS-6 Bench riveter


  • Small Bench Riveter / Rivet Guns

    • 3000AS-11/2 Bench riveter 1 1/2\” reach
    • 3000AS-21/4 Bench riveter 2-1/4\” reach
    • 3000AS-3 Bench riveter 3\” reach
    • 3000CS Bench riveter 3\” gap 3\” reach
    • 6000AS-11/2\” Bench riveter 1 1/2\” reach
    • 6000AS-2 1/4\” Bench riveter 2 1/4\” Reach

    • 6000AS-3\” Bench riveter 3\” Reach
    • 6000AS-31/2\” Bench riveter 31/2\” Reach
    • 6000CS Bench riveter 3\” gap 3\” reach
    • AP-12342 Bench Mount Rivet Squeezer
    • AP-12343 Bench Mount C Squeezer 10\” reach and 31/2\” Gap