Gesipa Extensions for Taurus Rivet Gun


Gesipa Taurus Rivet Gun Extensions

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Allows easy access to rivet sites which are difficult to reach.The extension units are used for riveting sites which are situated
low down or are difficult to access. We offer one-piece extension units of 35, 85, 135 and 185 mm length for the TAURUS® 1-4.
The extension units consist of three parts.


The total length of the steel head sleeve for

  • TAURUS® 1 with 35 mm, 85 and 135 mm is 106 mm, 156 mm and 206 mm respectively
  • TAURUS® 2 with 35 mm, 85 mm, 135 mm and 185 mm is 106 mm, 156 mm, 206 mm and 256 mm respectively
  • TAURUS® 3 and 4 with 35mm, 85 mm and 135 mm is 106 mm, 156 mm and 206 mm respectively

Gesipa Taurus Rivet Gun Exstensions 1

Total length of the steel head sleeve including the extension unit. On TAURUS® 1-4 the steel head sleeve can be extended
variably in steps of 100 mm.

Gesipa Multi Extension

Small jaw assembly TAURUS® 1-2

The small jaw assembly is particularly suitable where rivet sites are difficult to access. The TAURUS® 1 with the small
jaw assembly handles aluminium/steel blind rivets up to Ø 4 mm and steel/steel blind rivets up to Ø 3.2 mm. The small
jaw assembly for the TAURUS® 2 handles aluminium/steel blind rivets up to Ø 5 mm and steel/steel blind rivets up to Ø
4 mm. The jaw assembly is 100 mm long and the diameter of the steel head sleeve is 18 mm.

For TAURUS®  1: Rivet Gun Part no. 145 7705

For TAURUS® 2: Rivet Gun Part no. 145 7846

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