Gesipa Taurus Angle Heads 90 Deg


Gesipa Taurus Angle Heads 90 Deg

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Angle head 90° and Angle head 90° compact

The angle head 90° and the angle head 90° compact are

designed for use in tight spaces. Its sturdy design allows it to

apply large setting forces when setting blind rivets even in

difficult of access work areas. The angle head 90° for TAURUS

R 1-4 allows to set all Types of standard blind rivets up to


6.4 mm all materials and O 8 mm alu, depending on the

tool type. The minimum edge clearance is 15 mm, the head

length is 110 mm.

The angle head 90° compact for the TAURUSR 1 and 2

allows to set standard blind rivets of all Types of material

up to 5 mm in diameter and alu/steel blind rivets up to 6 mm

in diameter, depending on the tool Type. The minimum

edge clearance is 12 mm, the head length is 90 mm. Both

angle heads can be freely fixed in any position around the

TAURUSR tensile axis (360° free rotation).

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