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Atlas Copco Tools Pulse Guns

  • Ergopulse XS non shut-off tools Pulse Gun

ErgoPulse XS is the correct choice when the operator needs to control the process. The tools provide high torque, fast, accurate tightening and long service lifetimes. The twin chamber motor is designed to give high torque at low speed, which provides the best characteristics for fast, reliable and accurate tightening. Double or triple bladed pulse mechanisms. 

  • PTS/PTX Series Pulse Gun

Atlas Copco shut-off pulse tools shut off the air supply when the pre-set torque is been reached. Operator influence is minimized and the result is increased accuracy and faster tightening. 

Torque sensing system – In ErgoPulse PTS and PTX nutrunners torque is “sensed” by means of a rotatable inertial mass acting against an adjustable spring. The result is a highly accurate and easily adjustable shut-off system. 

  • Pulsor C the impulse tool with fastening system intelligence

Atlas Copco’s Pulsor C System gives you all the advantages of a controlled impulse tool, plus the intelligence of an electric fastening system. Like all Atlas Copco impulse tools, Pulsor C is fast, powerful, light and compact and generates virtually no reaction force. The controller remembers up to 4,000 tightenings that can be stored and analyzed. This enables you to fine-tune your process and ensure that every tightening in every shift is perfect. If they are not perfect, you can see why. 
The Pulsor C, with its control system, is designed for quality critical applications. Pulsor C alerts you to mistakes as soon as they are made. Lights on the back of the tool indicate if screws are correctly tightened. They inform the user about torque, early shut-off or if parts have been forgotten. Pulsor C will control repeatability and can report results