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CP Chicago Pmeumatic Impact Guns
Founded over 110 years ago, Chicago Pneumatic has

a strong history of constantly looking for new ways to meet
your needs, today and tomorrow.
Way back in 1889 John W. Duntley realized that construction workers in
particular had a need for many tools that weren’t yet available.
He founded Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company and set out on a
lifelong mission to provide all types of industries and companies the tools
necessary for their success.
Over the years Duntley grew the company through product innovation, always
insisting on product quality and reliability. The name Chicago Pneumatic
became known and appreciated by workers around the world for durable,
reliable tools that made tough jobs easier and were
designed to meet specific needs.
Today, Chicago Pneumatic is a global brand that offers
products for almost every industry and countless
applications. We’re proud to say Chicago Pneumatic
still stands for reliability, durability and customer value.
It is our mission to keep you productive at all
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