Semco 950 Dispensing Sealant Gun

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Semco 950 Dispensing Sealant Gun



• Portable.

• Requires no air or power supply.

• Available in 59cc, 156cc, 214cc and 310cc (2.5, 6,

8 and 12oz) sizes.

• Ergonomic and lightweight.

• Rugged, engineered plastic and metal


• Easy and simple to operate.

• Dispenses a wide range of sealants, adhesives or

other materials.

• Handles thick viscous material and very thin



The Semco


model 950 sealant gun is a hand

operated, very high quality dispensing gun designed

to accept Semco


disposable cartridges and Semkit




This gun is excellent for the application of sealants,

adhesives and other materials in remote areas where

no air supply is available, this includes fi

eld repair

applications. The smooth stroking ergonomic handle is

made of an engineered plastic for tough, durable, long

term use. The dispense rod is released from pressure

after every stroke to help eliminate material drooling.

The bayonet locking retainer provides a tight fi

t into

the handle permitting uninterrupted operation and

allows for quick and easy replacement of cartridges.

Custom size retainers accommodate Semco



156cc, 214cc and 310cc (2.5, 6, 8 and 12oz)

disposable cartridges. The nickel plated retainers are

high quality to withstand the demanding environment

of an industrial work place.



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