Sioux SDR & 141 Pneumatic Air Reversible Pistol Drills

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Sioux SDR & 141 Pneumatic Air Reversible Pistol Drills

Performance, Serviceability, Ergonomics and Value…

Industry Leader

Regarded as the Number 1 choice in the industry, Sioux Tools’ pneumatic drills are

known around the world for their exceptional engineering and construction. A wide

range of configurations, speeds, and options ensure a perfect match for any application.

Through next generation ergonomics and the continued focus on productivity and

operator safety comes the development of the Sioux Tools Signature Series Drill line.

. The Signature Series Drills offer great value with a 3 planet gear system for increased life

and load capacity. The Sioux tools Signature Series Drill line reduces operator fatigue

by offering a low sound level and low vibration solution! Operator comfort is achieved

through the implementation of alight weight aluminum housing and a comfort grip. Drills

Sioux Reversible Pistol Drills