Skin Pins

Temporary Fasteners – Skin Pins

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Cleco \’K\’ Series Standard Spring Clamp

The K type sheet holder clamp (Skin Pins) are the standard clamp for work up to 1/4\” maximum depth.

Part NoK-3/32K-1/8K-5/32K-3/16
Colour CodeZincCopperBlackBrass
Drill Size#40#30#21#10

Cleco KELSkin Pins

Part NoKEL-3/32KEL-1/8KEL-5/32KEL-3/16
Colour CodeZincCopperBlackBrass
Drill Size#40#30#21#10

Cleco\”KHD\’ Series Spring Cleco – 1/2\” Long Grip

  • SSL Skin Pins

    Temporary Fasteners SSL Skin Pins (screw Type) Grip 0-1/2"


  • Cleco Spring Clamps

    Temporary Fasteners Spring Clamps (Spring Type)


  • Temporary Fasteners Skin Pins (Wing Nut)


  • Skin Pin Guns

    Temporary Fasteners Skin Pin Guns


  • SEL Skin Pins

    Temporary Fasteners SEL Skin Pins ( Screw Type) Grip 0-1"


  • Temporary Fasteners HNX Skin Pins (Hex Nut)


  • Temporary Fasteners Cleco Spring Skin Pins (Spring Type)


  • Spring Skin Pin Pliers for Temporary Fasteners


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