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Atlas Copco Tools – Saltus SWR Mechanical Hand Torque Wrenches



The torque wrenches in the SWR series are “automatically triggered” once the pre-set torque

value is reached. The Camover-technology completely avoids over-tightening. After triggering,

The SWR wrench is again ready to use. The integrated ratchet function ensures you controlled

Clockwise tightening.

The high repeating accuracy with a tolerance of ± 4 % makes the SWR wrenches ideal for

assembly lines for extreme continuous operation. For an adjustment of the pre-set

value an optional setting key is available

  • Torque range from 5 Nm up to 110 Nm
  • High process reliability as camover mechanism avoids over-tightening
  •  Overloading of the wrench itself is impossible Repeatability of ± 4 %
  •  Robust construction
  • Easy and safe adjusting
  •  3/8” (SWR-30 / SWR-60) respectively 1/2” (SWR-110) ratchet drive allows use of standard sockets.

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