Desoutter Delta Hand Wrench

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Desoutter Delta Hand Wrench

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This generation of Delta analyzer is the compact portable solution to monitor all types of production tools at just 500g. Combined with standard Desoutter DRT or DST transducers it’s capable of calibrating pulse tools, electric nutrunners or torque wrenches. Divided into three models for Torque measurement only (DELTA 1D), Torque & Angle (Delta 6D) and capable of residual torque check and production strategy with DWTA wrench (Delta 7D)

• Display : Large color screen shows clear test results,Torque & Angle curves. Real time statistics,Tools description and Routes

• Connectivity : Ethernet and USB port for Delta QC software communication and RS232 for CVI II, CVIC II and CVI3 calibration or barcode reader

• Power : Li-Ion high capacity battery of 16 hours of autonomy or external power supply

• Transducer : Standard Desoutter connector for digital transducers. Analog CMD and GSE transducer connection through an adapter

• Barcode (Delta 7D) : Embeddeb Barcode for automatic Pset selection or VIN traceability M