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Gesipa Rivets PolyBulb®


Gesipa Rivets PolyBulb®

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Large grip range, for soft materials

Large disc-shaped bulb formationLarge disc-shaped bulb formation– perfect for sensitiveapplications with both softand brittle materials

Disc-shaped closing headDisc-shaped closing headThis practical closing head shape evenly distributes thecontact pressure over the component, making it the perfectjoining element for riveting both soft and brittle componentssuch as plastics and composite materials. The PolyBulb® blindrivet leaves an aesthetic setting appearance

Controlled hole fillingControlled hole fillingWith hole filling capabilities adapted to requirements,the PolyBulb® blind rivet provided an optimum joint.

AdvantagesAdvantages• Large grip range• Disc-shaped closing head with large closing head Ø• Aesthetic setting appearance, only one distinctclosing head• High tensile strength and detachment force(especially with plastic joining material)• Controlled hole filling• Excellent grip properties• Locked mandrel• Non-rattling• Process control capabilities

Large grip rangeLarge grip rangeA PolyBulb® blind rivet replaces up to 3 conventional blindrivets, thus reducing parts diversity. Combining severaldimensions saves handling and storage costs while additionallyreducing the risk of mix-up at the workplace andsubsequent quality problems.


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