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Gesipa Polygrip Steel / Steel Countersunk Head Blind Rivet



Gesipa Polygrip Steel / Steel Countersunk Head Blind Rivet

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Rivet body: Steel, zinc-plated Mandrel: Steel, zinc-plated

The GESIPA® PolyGrip® range of blind rivets, originally meant to be only a multigrip rivet has meanwhile shown other multiple talents. This makes it a favourite choice for difficult and demanding applications in industrial environment. Whether in aluminium, steel or stainless steel, outdoor or indoor, with hard or soft application materials, critical hole diameters and tolerances, when nothing seems to work properly, GESIPA® PolyGrip® will usually save the day

• Outstanding hole filling capability: The rivet body expands radially during the setting process and compensates hole tolerances, centering deviations and differences in diameter, thus always building up a playfree and tight joint.

• Safe rest mandrel locking: PolyGrip® blind rivets neither generate rattling noises due to free moving rest mandrels nor do they allow the risk of loss of the rest mandrel.

• Splash waterproof are the PolyGrip® blind rivets under certain conditions too. Hole filling and rest mandrel locking make of them a real alternative to closed end rivets when it is essential to prevent water flowing through the whole joint and not only through the rivet body.

• A large closing head: for a high tensile and unbuttoning resistance.

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Polygrip Blind rivets

Polygrip Blind rivets.Stee Steel

Large grip range can replace up to five different sizesLarge grip range can replace up to five different sizes of standard DIN blind rivets

High flexibility in design

The setting process of PolyGrip® blind rivetsThe setting process of PolyGrip® blind rivetsis fully predictable and the shaft deformationcan be programmed for every special applicationthrough intelligent locating of the shaftgrooves. This allows to reliably predeterminethe clamp force, radial shaft expansion andclosing head build-up.

The production of PolyGrip® blind rivetsThe production of PolyGrip® blind rivetsis one of the core specialities of theGESIPA® factory in Thal, Thuringia

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