HAVIMETER HAVi Meter Trigger Time Monitor (Without Case) for Hand arm vibration trigger time monitoring


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HAVi Trigger Time Monitor for Hand arm vibration trigger time monitoring

Simply strap the monitor on to a tool with cable ties or Velcro strap provided and input the vibration magnitude of the equipment being used in the same way you would set any digital watch.

Ready to start, the operator then uses the tool and as time elapses the HAVi monitor displays both the accurate trigger time and converts this and displays the actual HSE points they are amassing by using the equipment.

When the operator finishes using the tool they simply make a note of the HSE points and trigger time in a log book before transferring the device to another piece of equipment and starting again.

As per HSE guidelines if an operator exceeds 100 HSE points in a day the device triggers a warning light that flashes amber to advise the operator to take a break, the light turning red advising the operator to stop if the critical 400 HSE points band is exceeded in any one day.

HAVi diagram o

Features and Benefits A Hand Arm Vibration Monitor designed to help compliance with The Control of Vibration at Work Regulation 2005. • Accurately captures the trigger time that a tool is used and automatically calculates and displays the corresponding HSE points accumulated. • Easily transferred between tools, monitors are fitted using either the fabric or cable tie supplied. • Programmed on site by operators who enter the vibration magnitude for the tool they are using – No additional software required reducing installation costs. • A truly operator focused product. Aids training and informing of HAV exposure. • Optional heavy duty case for maximum protection. to order now call: 0115 932 7002 or visit our website: www.thehavi.com 1180 WEEE compliant. Patent applied for. Temperature The HAVi has a working temperature range of -20ºC to 40ºC. Power Cell Battery powered. Estimated life 1,000 trigger time hours. Dust and Waterproof IP65 screws and seals. Ruggerised rubber keys.

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