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Gesipa Accubird Pro Cordless Rivet Gun / Riveter


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Gesipa Accubird Pro Cordless Rivet Gun / Riveter

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  • The Bird Pro series GESIPA®, which invented battery-powered blind riveting technology, has been producing the Bird series for over twenty years now. To this day, it sets the standard for the battery-powered blind riveting devices market. Not least due to changing customer requirements, the Bird family‘s modular system is updated on a regular basis. GESIPA® has therefore built a new platform that will supplement the current Bird series to meet the highest customer requirements. The PowerBird® Pro Gold Edition is the innovator of this new series
  • BLDC technology A BLDC motor is a brushless DC motor that, instead of brushes that are susceptible to wear, uses electrical sensors to detect the rotor‘s position and commutate the stator coil via circuit breakers. A special software in the electronics controls the motor. The advantages of a BLDC motor include high effi ciency, long service life, particularly smooth running with a precision ball bearing and a reduction in electrical noise radiation.


  • AccuBird® Pro - The latest generation of the battery-powered blind rivet setting tool – up to 4x faster than other battery-powered tools on the market! The BLDC motor of the AccuBird® Pro has an extremely long service life and is virtually nonwearing. Compared to commercially available battery-powered tools, setting can be done up to 4x faster making it comparable with hydropneumatic blind rivet setting tools. The optional Autoreverse function additionally shortens the pulling process, ensuring the AccuBird® Pro is immediately ready for operation.


  • Blind rivets from Ø 2.4 mm aluminium, up to Ø 5 mm all materials and blind rivets up to Ø 6 mm aluminium. BULB-TITE® blind rivets up to Ø 4 mm and 5.2 mm aluminium and steel. G-Bulb blind rivets up to Ø 4.8 mm all materials

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