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Gesipa Batteries & Chargers

Gesipa Accubird Pro & Powerbird Pro Li-ion Batteries

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  • The GESIPA® Bird Pro series is equipped as standard with a new rechargeable 2.1 Ah li-ion slide-on battery. These rechargeable li-ion batteries feature the new Deep Sleep
    function. To keep intrinsic consumption as low as possible, after a set idle time, the battery automatically assumes "Deep Sleep" mode. The battery can then be woken directly in the tool. There is no delay after being woken and the battery is immediately ready for use.

Gesipa Accubird Pro & Powerbird  Charging technology

  • The GESIPA® li-ion chargers are available for 110 V and 240 V AC voltages. The charger comes with a Euro plug as standard. Other versions for China, UK and USA are available on request.
  • New sliding battery with exact optical and acoustic charging status display prevents unpleasant surprises.The deep sleep function and the electrical feedback of the braking energy extend the battery
    range − a battery charge lasts for up to 2,000 riveting operations. Additional catching grids prevent falling.

 Gesipa Accubird Pro & Powerbird Charging Unit

  • Charging unit with quick-charge function. The battery can be used again after only 45 minutes of charging, and is fully charged after just 90 minutes.

Gesipa Accubird & Firebird Li-Ion batteries

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  • The GESIPA® battery-powered setting tools AccuBird® and FireBird® are equipped as standard with a 1.3 Ah Li-Ion battery. The GESIPA® PowerBird® is supplied with a
    2.6 Ah Li-Ion battery. These rechargeable Li-ion batteries feature the new Deep Sleep function. To keep intrinsic consumption as low as possible, after a set idle time, the
    battery automatically assumes „Deep Sleep“ mode. The battery can then only be woken in the battery charger and is immediately ready for use.
  • The powerful 2.6 Ah battery is also optionally available as a special accessory for the AccuBird® and FireBird®.Older tools can of course also be operated with the
    Li-Ion batteries. Due to the different charging principle used in the Li-Ion technology, the charging unit must also be replaced when switching over to Li-Ion batteries; the
    proven charging units for NiCd batteries are however still available.

Gesipa Accubird & Firebird Charging technology

  • A special, intelligent circuit in the GESIPA® Li-Ion batteries protects against deep discharging, and ensures that the last setting cycle can be completed, before the battery signals
    its empty condition by switching off. The empty battery is ready for use again after a charging time of only about one hour. The new GESIPA® Li-Ion charging units are of course also
    available for the alternating voltages of 110 VAC and 230 VAC.



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